Our experienced team is here to work with you to create an investment plan designed to meet your goals
for today, tomorrow, the long-term and retirement
Personalized wealth management services for individuals, trusts, qualified plans and other investors
Our clients appreciate our highly personalized investment and service approach. Our fiduciary relationship differentiates us from many other financial service providers.
Preparing an individual written investment plan specifically for you
Listening to our clients and understanding their goals, risk tolerances and financial needs are principal foundations in assisting you in creating an investment plan tailored to you. Creating a written plan is an essential to follow the plan. We take on the responsibility for implementing this plan in our investment management agreement.
Managing assets on a discretionary separate account basis, or we can work more closely with you
You need not be involved in day-to-day investment decisions, for which we take full responsibility. Your assets are managed in a separate account in your name, which means that you will receive notices of all transactions and a periodic statement of the account from your custodian. We access your account only to effect transactions and, with your separate written authorization, charge your account for management fees.
Evaluating our managed portfolio holdings on an ongoing basis
Not only does or evaluation process identify potential investments as undervalued in the marketplace, it also identifies when they are overvalued and may be considered for reduction or hedging.
Detailed tax information is provided regarding your capital transactions
Charles Schwab, the recommended custody broker dealer, tracks all your capital transactions and provides you with detailed summaries of each taxable account
We are available for personal consultation on financial matters
Many clients utilize us as a resource in considering other financial matters. Specifically, we can work with your estate planning attorney to implement promptly and efficiently the funding of trusts you establish. We make ourselves available for such consultations at times convenient for you.