Client Oriented
We are first and foremost centered on listening to and focused on our clients in creating an investment plan designed to meet their goals for now and the future.  We then build and manage investment portfolios of stocks, bonds and ETF’s aligned with the plan.  Our philosophy is that any successful investment program starts with a clear plan to meet well defined goals for income and growth taking into account each client’s risk and return characteristics.
Our Clients
We work with individuals, families, trusts, retirement accounts, business owners and other investors.  We help long established investors, young professionals and new investors build wealth. Whether you are planning for a successful life, saving for retirement, college, building an estate or other needs, we have extensive experience helping clients reach those goals.
Developing an Investment Plan
Using the words ‘plan’ and ‘developing’ are key.  After a plan is created, it is essential to follow the plan in a disciplined manner, otherwise reaching your goals becomes less likely. Developing means to create at the onset, but also to grow and evolve. It is important to review that plan if major aspects in an investor’s life change over time whether through growth, family changes or other needs.
Personalized Separate Account Wealth Management
We work with our client’s individual investment accounts within a plan that encompasses all the assets together.  While we do recommend clients utilize Charles Schwab Co. as their broker-dealer, the largest U.S. discount firm with over $3 trillion in assets in customer assets and state of the art technology and security, we can also work with clients if they choose to hold their investments elsewhere.
Process Based
We believe successful investing requires a disciplined approach that follows a process designed to manage risk, diversify portfolios and utilizes a value-based method to identify and select attractive investments.